Reconditioning of Mechanical Seals

The production process must continue and costs a lot of money when it is stationary. If a mechanical seal needs replacements  it often takes a lot of time and money to replace it. Mechanical seals are generally expensive parts that bring a lot of expenses with them.

The reconditioning process

Before going to be your Mechanical seal overhauled will first need to find out an inspection. Laps place Not every mechanical seal is to overhaul, sometimes the purchase of a new mechanical seal is cheaper and better. After the  inspection is complete, there will be an offer be made to determine your price. Occurred Upon approval of this offer the reconditioning

Reconditioning of mechanical seals -

process will be start.

  1. The mechanical seal is removed / picked up at your location
  2. The parts of the mechanical seal are cleaned and sandblasted
  3. The treads of silicon carbide and tungsten carbide can be ground and lapped in order to ensure that there are no leaks will take place
  4. The O-ring of the mechanical seal and the other parts will be replaced
  5. The mechanical seal is put back together
  6. There will be a second round of inspections take place, which checks if the reconditioning is carried in the right way
  7. If the reconditioning is carried in the right way, the mechanical seal are polished and delivered at your location

* This review process is based on the reconditioning process of Justkar Sealing Company BV

Benefits of reconditioning of mechanical seals

  • Reconditioning is cheaper than purchasing a new mechanical seal
  • Reconditioning is faster than purchasing a new mechanical seal
  • When a reconditioning is needed for a suitable replacement mechanical seal no quest